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Ni Riain School of Irish Dance
Ni Riain School of Irish Dance has proudly produced many award-winning dancers and champions.  

While competitions are encouraged as a way to focus on skill development and build confidence, participation is optional.
Cumann Rince Naisianta-USA Feile & Championships
Of our 18 dancers who competed at the

2013 North American Championships,

we came home with 
an astounding
48 medals,
  13 of which were 
1st Places
and we have 
4 New Champions!

Well Done,
Ni Riain Dancers! 

And well done to all of the beautiful dancers who competed with us from the 
United States 

September 1, 2013              USA Qualifier                                             Wichita, KS

October 12-13, 2013          CRN-USA Regional Championships           Sandusky, OH

December 7, 2013              Rince Ri Feile                                              Philadelphia, PA

February 15-17, 2014        North American Open Championships         New York, NY

March 29, 2014                 CRN-USA Feile                                          Harrisburg, PA

April 12, 2014                    Rince Nua Feile                                           Minneapolis, MN

May 31, 2014                    McGinley Feis                                              Harrisburg, PA

July 10, 2014                      Feile McGrath                                             Dublin, CA

August 8-9, 2014               Shelagh Feile                                                Dayton, OH

August 31, 2014                CRN-USA Qualifying Round                        Location TBA

October 11-12, 2014        CRN-USA Regional Championships             Location TBA

December 6, 2014             Feile Rince Ri                                               Philadelphia, PA